Early Childhood Education

MAT Programs with a focus on Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education are often combined within the same degree program. Depending on the graduate school, Elementary Education can be either grades K-6 or grades K-8.


Most people who decide to pursue a Masters of Arts in Teaching with an Early Childhood/Elementary specialization plan on becoming a general elementary school teacher.

Length of MAT Elementary Education Programs

Most full-time MAT programs will take at least 12 months to about 24 months. Part-time students in a MAT program may end up spending as long as 36 months.


Obtaining a Masters of Art in Teaching degree varies a great deal on the school and whether or not a student is paying out of state tuition. In-state tuition plus other school costs for a state university may be as low as $7,000 to over $30,000 at a private university such as John Hopkins University.